Attorney Ann Ponichtera DeNardis:

New Bedford Attorney Ann Ponichtera DeNardis is a lawyer who has concentrated in Family Law matters, like Divorce, Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support, Restraining Orders, Modifications, Contempts, Grandparent visitation issues, Guardianships both of adults and minors, Estates, Personal Injury and Environmental issues for over thirty years in Southeastern, Massachusetts. She regularly prepares Pre-Nuptial and Cohabitation Agreements for couples who live together and are unmarried and want to protect their separate assets.  

Attorney Ann DeNardis represents individuals on both simple and complicated family law cases. She will guide you through the legal process and will thoroughly explain your rights and obligations to you.  She understands the emotional issues involved in your divorce, and child custody dispute, and will fight for the best resolution in your case.  With her financial background she will assure that you obtain the best possible property settlement.  When necessary she consults with actuaries, financial experts, and accountants to assure that your rights are protected.  She works with elders and is experienced in conservatorship and incapacity issues. She is experienced in matters involving the Hague Convention and international parental child abductions.  Attorney Ann DeNardis is the experienced local attorney you need to get you through your family crisis.

Attorney DeNardis was awarded the Pro Bono Publico Award for exceptional legal service due to her successful representation of a mother, whose three year old daughter was kidnapped by the child's father and his family, and taken to Saudi Arabia. 

Attorney Ann DeNardis recognizes the difficulties that a family law matter presents  to her clients emotionally and financially.  She will address your concerns competently and will be your zealous advocate.  Through her thirty plus years of experience, she will guide you to the best resolution for your personal situation in a compassionate and effective manner.  The process of a break-up can be frightening.  Division of Property, Child Custody, splitting the finances, Abusive Relationships, Child Support, Divorce, Alimony and Spousal Support are all subjects that Attorney DeNardis regularly addresses. Most cases do settle but when necessary Attorney DeNardis will be your advocate throughout the trial process. Let her experienced counsel be your guide through this difficult, confusing and emotionally difficult process.

At your free initial consultation for your family law situation in her local New Bedford office, Attorney DeNardis will inquire about  your marital or relationship history.  She will review any pre-existing orders of the Court on your case.  She will consider your finances, discuss  parenting time concerns you may have, and will develop a strategy with you with regard to your Family Law case.   Be it Divorce, Parenting, Child Custody or Support Issues, Visitation, Modification, or Contempt.  Come with your questions and she will provide thoughtful guidance to you on a myriad of issues.  

She regularly represents Grandparents and other family members seeking Guardianship of children whose parents are unable to care properly for their children.   

Attorney DeNardis also has a special passion for environmental issues.  She has litigated zoning disputes, and the placement of wind turbines in neighborhoods.  She has represented individuals before town boards.  

​Graduate of New Bedford High School.
Received her Bachelor of Science Degree cum laude from Boston University in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance in 1982.
Attended DePaul University Law School in Chicago, Illinois and
Received her Juris Doctorate Degree from Vermont Law School in 1985.
Licensed to Practice Law in Massachusetts since 1985.
Licensed to Practice in Federal District Court of Massachusetts since 1986.
Member Massachusetts Bar Association
New Bedford Bar Association
Bristol County Bar Association

Attorney Antonio Daniel DeNardis: 

New Bedford Attorney Antonio Daniel DeNardis is a lawyer who concentrates in Real Estate matters, Social Security Disability, Personal Injury, Contracts, Wills and Estates and represents individuals before various city and town boards, including liquor license issues, forming corporations and LLC's.

Attorney Daniel DeNardis regularly represents lenders, individuals and entities in real estate closings. If you are buying or selling a house and need assistance, put his thirty years of experience to work for you.  You may have met Attorney DeNardis at one of the many First Time Home Buyer seminars he regularly speaks at. He represents landlords and tenants in Housing Court. If you are selling a house on your own, contact Attorney Dan DeNardis to perform the real estate closing.  Attorney DeNardis and his New Bedford staff will prepare all the necessary documents you need to sell your house, including the Offer to Purchase, the Purchase and Sale Agreement, the Deed, and any seller financing documents to assure that title to the property is conveyed properly and stress free for you.

Attorney DeNardis maintains an active Social Security Disability practice in New Bedford and Southeastern Massachusetts.  He has helped hundreds of clients get the Social Security benefits they deserve.  He represents the injured in negligence, personal injury and auto accident cases.  These and Social Security Disability cases are usually accepted on a "no recovery, no fee" basis.  

Are you unable to work due to a disability? Have you applied for Social Security benefits and been denied?  Call New Bedford Attorney Daniel DeNardis. He will review your medical records and your claim and determine whether an appeal is right for you.  You must file a request for reconsideration within 60 days of getting denied.  Don't give up on your claim just because you were denied. Attorney DeNardis has helped hundreds of claimants when they were wrongfully denied benefits.  Do you have a disabling condition?  One of these conditions could qualify you for Social Security benefits:
    Mental Disorders, such as bi-polar, depression, autism, panic attacks;
    Immune System disorders, such as HIV/AIDS, MS, MD, ALS;
    Endocrine Disorders, like Lupus, Thyroid disease, Obesity, Neuropathy;
    Sense or Speech Issues, Hearing Impairments or Vision Problems;
    Digestive Tract Problems, Chrohn's Disease, Irritable Bowel disorder, hepatitis or liver disease;
    Heart Conditions, like Coronary Artery Disease;
    Just to name a few.
Call Attorney DeNardis when you want a local attorney experienced in Social Security to review your case.

Attorney Daniel DeNardis is community oriented. He has held the position of co-chairperson of the local Salvation Army Advisory Board and  holds the rank of  Lieutenant.  Attorney Daniel DeNardis has participated as the co-vice chairperson of  the Finance Committee for Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

Attorney DeNardis is a graduate of New Castle High School, New Castle, PA and received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Slippery Rock College, PA in 1977. He received his Juris Doctorate Degree from Vermont Law School in South Royalton, Vermont in 1985 and clerked for the General Counsel to the Secretary of State.
He became licensed to practice law in Massachusetts in 1986, and in Pennsylvania in 1985.
He is licensed to practice law in the Federal District Court of Massachusetts since 1986 and in Pennsylvania since 1985. He also represents clients before the Office of Disablity and Review (ODAR), the Appeals Council and the Federal District Court for Security Disability Appeals.
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